Stain Removal

Whether your upholstery has stains from grease, pets, food, or anything else, we at Top Notch Detailing & Customs vow to rid of them. Contact our team today if you live in or near Elk Grove Village and are seeking high-quality stain removal services for your car.

Paint Restoration

Natural causes, such as UV rays and oxidation, are bound to wear down the paint on your vehicle over time. Let us help you bring it back to life with our professional paint restoration services. Call now to schedule an appointment in the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Engine Bay Detailing

All we need is a bit of time in order to have your car’s engine looking as great as it did the day you bought the car. Contact Top Notch Detailing & Customs today if you are in need of an advanced engine cleaning and detailing service in or near Chicago, IL.

Carpet / Seats Upholstery Shampoo

One of the first things that guests notice about your car is the quality of the seats. Allow Top Notch Detailing & Customs to help you give off a great first impression with a flawless upholstery cleaning service. We do work throughout Chicagoland, so call today. 

Paint Correction

Scratches and dings are a normal occurrence for cars, yet knowing that doesn’t make them any less frustrating. Luckily, Top Notch Detailing & Customs has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with fantastic paint correction services, so call today for assistance in or near Chicago.

Pet Hair Cleaning

We love our pets, but we don’t love the mess their hair brings to our cars. An affordable cleaning service from Top Notch Detailing & Customs ensures that you won’t have to choose between the two. Call now to schedule a cleaning in the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Other Services

• Paint Decontamination
• Water Marks on Glass
• Paint Protection Wax & Ceramic Coating Applications
• Vehicle Drop-off / Pick-Up
• Mobile Services

Don’t wait to reach out about any of these services and more in Chicagoland.